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Save energy and cut costs

By working with the EnAW, you cut your energy costs and save money through cost-efficient measures. You meet federal and cantonal requirements simply and efficiently and you receive reliable advice thanks to our all-round service and modern tools.

to decarbonization

Forward-looking, operationally efficient and step-by-step on the way to "net zero".

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By business, for business.

100 consultants

Cooperation with some 100 energy specialists in Switzerland ensures that every EnAW participant receives all-round energy management solutions from a single source. All consultants have passed the EnAW accreditation exam.

4158 enterprises

Since its creation, the EnAW has established itself as a reliable and experienced partner for cost-effective energy management in more than 4150 enterprises from all industries and regions of Switzerland.

20 years of experience

Since its founding by the leading business organizations, the EnAW has made its mark as a reliable partner.

«We are passionately dedicated to creating value by getting companies in Switzerland into the best possible shape in energy terms, and this in a cost-effective manner. We provide long-term advice and support in the process. »

Rochus Burtscher, Management COO/CFO of the Energy Agency of the Swiss Private Sector

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Good reasons for EnAW participation

  • Cutting energy costs

    On average, an EnAW participant reduces its electricity costs by roughly 13 000 francs per year. Participation pays off where annual energy costs are 20 000 francs or more.

  • Be assisted by professionals

    Our roughly 100 authorized energy specialists from across Swiss ensure that every enterprise receives cost-effective efficiency solutions from a single source.

  • Reclaim CO₂ tax and network surcharge

    By concluding an EnAW target agreement, enterprises can request the target proposal for the refund of the CO₂ tax and the network surcharge.

  • Exemption from cantonal detailed provisions

    To implement the cantonal large-scale consumer model, our consultants draw up specific efficiency and CO₂ targets for each enterprise or for an energy model group.

  • Implement individual measures

    On the basis of cost-effective energy-saving potential, we formulate energy - and CO₂ reduction targets and develop a customized list of cost-effective measures for each company.

  • Benefit from support programmes

    We maintain a number of partnerships in Switzerland so that you can benefit from a variety of support measures on offer in the field of energy efficiency.

«Working with the EnAW keeps us constantly abreast of the latest statutory or technological changes and of where we can obtain what types of funding.»

Daniel Löffel, Head of Quality, Environment and Occupational Safety Management, Stadler Bussnang AG

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Six steps to lower costs and sustainability

  • 1

    Energy check-up at the enterprise

    The EnAW consultant looks at the enterprise for energy savings potential. Amongst the things analysed are building services, the building envelope and the production process.

  • 2

    Company-specific efficiency measures

    Based on the information from the energy check-up, the EnAW consultant suggests appropriate efficiency measures. The measures are guided by the cost effectiveness principle. The company decides when to implement which measures.

  • 3

    Concluding a target agreement

    Based on the measures catalogue, the company management and the EnAW consultant determine how much energy and CO₂ the establishment should save. The savings target is written into a target agreement.

  • 4

    Implementing the measures

    The enterprise itself implements the measures step by step. The EnAW's consultant is on hand to provide help and advice.

  • 5

    Annual monitoring

    Each year it is verified whether the agreed target has been met. The enterprise documents its own energy consumption and the measures taken in a simple, web-based tool.

  • 6

    EnAW label «CO₂ & kWh reduced»

    If the outcome is positive, the enterprise receives the EnAW label «CO₂ & kWh reduced».

«With the energy model we aspire to the highest standards in a complex energy management process while efficiently exploiting any economic savings potential.»

Erich A. Kalbermatter, Head of Department and Member of the Management of the Energy Agency of the Swiss Private Sector

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We have already achieved a lot together

  • 718 million francs

    The measures implemented since 2013 enabled EnAW participants to save a total of 718 million francs in energy costs and charges in 2020.

  • 3960 gigawatt hours of energy

    In 2020, the impact of measures taken by EnAW participants since 2013 represented 3960 gigawatt hours of energy.

  • 678 972 tonnes of CO₂

    In 2020 our participants cut CO₂ emissions by 678 972 tonnes thanks to measures implemented since 2013.

«The measures recommended to us by the EnAW are not only sustainable, they also make economic sense.»

Christian Stahel, Managing Director, Elkuch Eisenring AG

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Over 100 consultants to assist you

  • Adrian Ulrich

    Adrian Ulrich

    Siemens Schweiz AG

  • Ruedi Räss

    Ruedi Räss

    Prüf- und Forschungsinstitut p+f Sursee

  • Angelo Lozza

    Angelo Lozza

    Lozza Energie und Gebäudetechnik

  • Marijo Papic

    Marijo Papic