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As we know from behavioural economics: motivation is greater when we have choice.


This principle creates leeway for action when it comes to implementing climate goals. Companies can choose the manner in which to attain their goal: they either commit to increasing energy efficiency, or they pay the CO₂ incentive tax and change nothing. So far, more than 4,000 companies have opted to take action. With the support of the EnAW they have entered into a binding target agreement with the Confederation, they are attaining their efficiency targets – invariably by means of «cost-effective measures» – and are being refunded the incentive tax. This choice is possible under the current CO₂ Act, in force until 2020. It will have to be revised for the period thereafter, and the parliamentary process is already in full swing.


Dear Reader: We do not have much time left to set the course for 2030. Today the combination of target agreement and reimbursement is acting as an energy boost – a kick-start to enhancing corporate efficiency. As the implementing organization of the business sector, we at EnAW will be unflagging in our efforts. Through our 100 mandated engineers, and with our time and energy, with dependability and openness, with passion and respect, we are striving towards a better eco-balance and greater energy efficiency. For independently of the complete overhaul of the CO₂ Act, eco-friendly economic management does pay off.


Through our magazine «Fokus», we would like to offer you insights into our work, into the environmental and economic sustainability of climate protection. Our focus this year is on the topic of energy and time. We wish you pleasant reading!


Rudolf Minsch, President of the EnAW
Jacqueline Jakob, Managing Director of the EnAW

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