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EnAW tools retain certificate of conformity with ISO 50001

The EnAW tools for the implementation of cost-effective energy management in companies have again obtained ISO 50001 certification.

The EnAW tools for implementing and controlling the energy management system in enterprises include the applications “Energy model” for large establishments, “SME model” for small and medium-size establishments, as well as the Check-up tool for evaluating efficiency measures.

The process of developing the tools had the advice and support of TÜV Rheinland with a view to ISO 50001 conformity and was first certified in June 2013. ISO 50001 lays out guidelines for systematic energy management in enterprises. To be certified to the ISO standard, certain set requirements must be met pertaining to energy data management, implementation of measures, as well as strategic and organizational management approaches. The standard is aimed at the continual improvement of energy performance including energy efficiency.

For entities that draw up target agreements with the EnAW and are interest in being certified to ISO 50001, the ISO conformity of the tools is very helpful. It means that several ISO requirements are automatically met by utilizing the EnAW tools. Specifically, the support relates to clauses/requirements 4.4.3 Energy review, 4.4.4 Energy baseline, 4.4.5 Energy performance indicators, 4.4.6 Energy objectives, energy targets and energy management action plans, and 4.7.2 c), e), h) Input to management review.