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Vehicle and travel efficiency

The use of electric commercial vehicles or the shifting of cargo from road to rail reduces both the carbon footprint and fuel dependency. For example, three electric trucks can save as much as 120 tonnes of CO₂ per year by comparison with diesel vehicles.

130 francs per tonne of CO2 saved

The compensation programme recognized by the Federal Government makes investing in vehicle and travel efficiency also financially interesting. Currently, certification is issued for proven CO2 reductions resulting from the use of electric commercial vehicles or the shifting of freight from road to rail. EnAW delivers the certificates to the Foundation for Climate Protection and Carbon Offset (KliK). For every reduction of 1 tonne of CO2emissions under this programme, there is a compensation of 130 francs.Participation is an ideal complement to target agreements under the Energy Model or SME Model.

Sample calculation in francs

Annual reduction of 120 tonnes of CO2 through the use of three electric trucks.

Sale of CO2 reductions 15 600.-
Less participation fee  1 500.-
Gain 14 100.-

Efficient division of labour and simple implementation

  1. Registration in the programme

  2. Assessment of the project by EnAW

  3. Concluding a contract and implementing the project

  4. Annual monitoring for the information of the EnAW

  5. EnAW coordinates the verification of measures, reports to the FOEN, and sells the certificates

  6. Annual compensation of the establishment for CO₂ reduction


  1. Assessing the project and expected emission reductions

  2. Providing a monitoring system

  3. Coordinating the external verification of the monitoring

  4. Liaising with the Federal Government regarding compensation certificates

  5. Sale of CO₂ reductions to the KliK Foundation

  6. Compensation of 130 francs per tonne of CO₂ sold