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Energy model: Energy management for larger energy consumers

The energy model covers the needs of medium-size and large enterprises with annual energy costs of over 500 000 francs and complex energy management processes. Under the energy model, enterprises are supported by an expert and experienced EnAW moderator and given advice on the basis of energy and product neutrality. Every establishment forms part of an energy model group and benefits from regular sharing of experiences and know-how in the group.

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The energy management process in the energy model

  1. Energy check-up at the enterprise

    The first step under the energy model is a detailed energy and operations analysis carried out with the EnAW moderator. It entails gathering all relevant energy data as well as identifying and assessing savings potential.

  2. Company-specific energy efficiency measures

    On the basis of the data collected, the EnAW moderator develops a customized measures catalogue jointly with you. This process takes account of operational capabilities and investment planning as well as the cost-effectiveness of measures.

  3. Concluding a target agreement

    Targets for reducing CO₂ emissions and increasing energy efficiency are derived from the sum of the cost-effective measures. They are written into a target agreement. The target agreement may be voluntary or binding. Under a binding agreement, achieving the targets is tantamount to compliance with the energy and climate policy requirements set by the Federal Government and cantons.

  4. Implementing the measures

    The enterprise itself implements the measures step by step. The EnAW moderator accompanies the process and arranges for the regular sharing of experiences in the energy model group

  5. Annual monitoring

    The EnAW monitoring system measures the efficiency gains both for each company and for the energy model group. It renders energy accounting accurate and easy to handle. You yourself determine the level of detail. Annual assessments are the basis for optimizing the implementation of measures. The forms that you need for goods accounting, for example, are generated automatically.

  6. EnAW label «CO₂ & kWh reduced»

    If the outcome of the annual energy audit is good, the establishment is awarded the EnAW efficiency label.