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Under the EFFICIENCY⁺ Programme we provide our participants with financial assistance in implementing measures to improve electricity consumption in their enterprises. Through a simple auction procedure, EnAW participants can submit electricity-related measures and apply for financial assistance ranging between 500 and 90,000 francs per measure.

Many enterprises have power-saving potential beyond the scope of the target agreements. This could mean, for example, installing a new lighting system or replacing inefficient heating pumps. Under the EFFICIENCY+ Programme, the EnAW offers financial support for implementing specific electricity-related measures.

Through an auction procedure, all participants in the Energy and SME model are able, in coordination with their EnAW consultant, to propose power-saving measures and apply for funding. The measures submitted must be such that they would be uneconomic without the funding support. Besides, they may not be part of the target agreement concluded.

The measures favoured in an auction round are those with the best cost-benefit ratio. Funding is awarded to measures that save the most power per franc. The condition for the receipt of funding support is that the measures are implemented within twelve months as from the time of the award, and they must not have been started before the award. EFFICIENCY+ funding may cover up to 30 per cent of the investment costs. The available funding pot is three million francs.

How it works

  1. Identify eligible power-related measures in the enterprise

  2. Communicate the identified measures via the EnAW tools

  3. Assessment by the EnAW

  4. Determine funding contribution and submit measures to the auction

  5. Award of funding and implementation of measures within one year

  6. Once implemented, register measures in the EnAW tools and receive funding

Eligible measures

  1. Replace electric motor/power unit

  2. Reduce/replace light sources incl. presence control

  3. Replace pump

  4. Retrofit frequency converter

  5. Replace cooling unit

  6. Replace compressor

  7. Make use of free cooling

  8. Replace fan

  9. Replace electric heater with HP water heater and replace fittings

  10. Use higher-level machine control for compressed air generation