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Our energy management focuses on the individual possibilities of every enterprise – in the SME as well as the Energy Model

  • Roadmap to decarbonization

    • Supports companies individually in planning their decarbonization strategy towards «net zero».
    • Is a voluntary instrument and is suitable for all companies aiming for long-term CO2-neutral production.
    • Enables reconciliation with Switzerland's climate target.
    • Complements the other EnAW offers.
  • Energy model

    • Covers efficient energy management requirements
    • Is suitable for enterprises with complex processes and structures
    • Is aimed at businesses with annual energy costs of over 500 000 francs
  • SME model

    • Provides small and medium-size companies with energy management that is easy to implement
    • Is suitable for enterprises without their own energy officers
    • Is aimed at businesses with annual energy costs of under one million francs

Other services we provide

  • Transport programme

    • The use of electric commercial vehicles or the shifting of cargo from road to rail becomes financially interesting under the federally-recognized EnAW transport programme.